They are the brothers run over by the driver of a tractor trailer

David Stiven and Yeiron Miguel Camacho Vanegas met their deaths on Sunday February 6 at about 5:40 in the morning on Villavicencio Avenue, in Madelena. They were run over by the driver of a tractor-trailer who apparently did not realize what had happened and left without helping them.

Today a family is immersed in grief. These nursing assistants and ambulance crew members from the Ministry of Health were only 29 and 34 years old. They lost their lives immediately.

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The tractor driver is known to have left the scene and this has aroused the fury of his co-workers and family members. At this time they are looking for the driver of the white vehicle that killed these two officials.

Other versions indicate that everything happened due to the combination of several factors: the rain, a hole in the road, and a private vehicle that had to stop unexpectedly, generating a reaction in the brothers that ended up leaving them under the immense vehicle.

In the place of the tragedy, a heartfelt wake and an offering were held in memory of the health workers. Those who knew them cry out for justice in this case.

Sijín and Transit Units advance in the compilation of videos of security and in the traceability of the possible route taken by the driver of the vehicle after hitting the motorcyclists. “They didn’t have parents, I cry for them,” said Ernesto Camacho, uncle of the victims who spoke to EL TIEMPO.

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They had neither a wife nor children and had dedicated their entire lives to serving the health sector.