They arrest an 83-year-old man who had been driving for 70 years without a license, without insurance, and without passing the ITV

Driving a car is one of the most regulated and monitored activities. You risk your own life, and that of others, which is why the drivers and the car itself have topass controls, in addition to having third-party insurance.

But these rules have never been applied to an anonymous 83-year-old driver, who lives in the UK. He had been driving for 70 years without a license, without insurance on the car, and without passing the British ITV.

Bulwell, Rise Park and Highbury Vale police have arrested him after they found him pushing his car, because he had suffered a breakdown. He explains his incredible story on his Facebook account.

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The man was pushing his blue Mini One, which you can see in the opening photo of the news, when he caught the attention of the agents.

He told them that he was born in 1938, and that at the age of 12, around 1950, he learned to drive on his own.

Since then he has driven for 70 years without a driver’s license, without insurance on the vehicles he has owned, and without passing the periodic reviews equivalent to the ITV.

The The police do not explain what reasons the man gave them for not getting his driver’s license when he reached legal age, or for not paying car insurance.

It is incredible that for 70 years this driver has never been stopped at a traffic control, something that everyone has experienced.

Although perhaps the most striking is that in these seven decades he has never had the slightest accident, nor has he exceeded the speed on a radar, infractions that would have forced him to reveal that he did not have a driver’s license or car insurance.

Regardless, it sounds like you’re a good driver, if you’ve never gotten a ticket or been in an accident in 70 years…

Now awaits him a heavy sanction, and even prison sentences. According to our colleague Mario Herráez in Auto Bild, in Spain driving without a license carries a fine of 500 euros, in addition to imprisonment for three to six months, or community work. But surely this sanction would be multiplied, extending for 70 years…