“They burned my hair, I recovered and created a hair products company”

“Life is learning, it is not just enjoyment. We also have to eat the shit that touches us”. With this phrase, Marcela Aristizábal defines what she has experienced along her path and that has been inspiring, not only for the creation of her successful Fruto Salvaje brand, but also for the way she has faced and overcoming the challenges that life has given him.

But, in addition to the armed clashes that took place in that region, another determining factor in his decision to escape was the abuse he began to suffer from of her new partner.

She approached this man with the intention that he help her in the process she was going through. However, when things did not go well and she decided to end the relationship, the problems began. That person became violent, to the point of kidnapping her for a few days .

Not content with her irrational debauchery, the man planned an attack. He sent him to make the ‘shampoo’. An unknown person placed a cap filled with corrosive glue on his head, which began to burn his hair and scalp. They had to shave her to heal her wounds. Days later, the person presumed responsible for the brutal attack committed suicide.

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Hidden in the suitcase of a car , still without healing the injury suffered in his body and downcast and traumatized in his soul, he left Caicedonia forever. Everything, because people close to whom she took her own life wanted to take revenge on her.

I arrived with my hair dead and a smell of gasoline that wouldn’t go away

After hiding in different places, she arrived in Medellín.

“I arrived with my hair dead and with a smell of gasoline that would not go away,” she recalls.

She began to study law and audiovisual communication to try to forget the problems of her. Also, she began to think that there had to be something that would remove the uncomfortable smell.

she Thus she began a marathon investigation of the chemical composition of fruits. The first thing she studied was the aloe vera leaf, with which her hair was very dry, but the smell was diminished. Subsequently, he analyzed the chemical composition of the fruits to find out which active ingredients could recover his hair and eliminate the annoying smell.

During his search, he discovered that bananas, papaya, penca, honey, goat’s milk, among other fruits and products, had a chemical composition that was in accordance with what she was looking for for her treatment. She mixed the components in different measures to achieve a balance and began to apply it herself until she recovered her vital and exuberant hair.

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“After a while of using the treatment I had created, my friends asked me how I managed to have such beautiful hair. I was embarrassed to tell how she had done it because that was related to why, “says Aristizábal, a name that she also changed, because her real name was Ángela Marcela Arias Aristizábal.

Marcela is the mother of: Juan Alexander, the oldest; then Hummingbird; Inti Nawal, a boy with Down syndrome and Alondra Manantial, the youngest.


Esneyder Gutierrez

Upon arriving in Medellín, he revealed himself with his middle name and his mother’s last name, as a protection mechanism.

When At the beginning, the achieved product was called ‘Fruit Treatment’, and as both her family and friends asked for it, Aristizábal continued to investigate so that it would work on other women who had hair different from hers.

Then, she began to manufacture the product and give it to her acquaintances with the variations they needed, until it became widely recognized.

But another tragedy, which would inspire her, knocked on her door. Indeed, when everything was going wonderfully with her new life and nascent company, early cervical cancer was detected.

The affliction that undoubtedly overwhelmed her was also the incentive to start a new stage in your life. She started by researching healthy and natural eating.

“Just as I had already done with my hair, I began a drastic change in my life. I removed the breast prostheses I had and began a new stage of personal growth in favor of a healthy and, above all, peaceful life”, says Aristizábal.

Today, after several changes of address, the company which began with a budget of 120,000 pesos is operating in the Santa Elena district. It has already completed nine years of operation.

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“’Fruto Salvaje’ has an inclusive and self-improvement approach. It is, above all, for empowered women and heads of household, without neglecting the role of mothers and caring for their families, cooking, caring for children and enjoying the work of mothers, something that I also do with all the love. I instill this in those who work with me,” she explains.

Supporting the women of Santa Elena was also key because when she arrived in the territory, the cradle of the silleteros, she realized that many women They lived in the midst of machismo and domestic violence.

Just as I had already done with my hair, I began a drastic change in my life. I removed the breast prostheses I had and started a new stage of personal growth in favor of a healthy life

Currently, the company not only provides decent employment, but the employees also have psychological and social support permanently.

In Medellin, Marcela met her new love: Paisa Jonnathan Calle. He awakened her desire to work, to improve herself and took away my fear of telling her story.

One day, she remembers, she woke up empowered and told her story on her Instagram. Later, different people began to ask him for the hair treatment.

The first day he sold 30 units, the second 100 and after three days he decided to drop out of college and focused fully on studying hair treatments since develop them.

In this way, ‘Fruto Salvaje’ began the task of making itself known and reached very famous women in the country who in turn endorsed the products for their quality and results.

The company has more than 500 direct employees and more than 1,500 harvesters, indirectly. They are currently linking people with disabilities or different abilities.

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The first one that began as seller of the products, which today are called ‘Harvesters’, was his sister. This aroused in Aristizábal the idea that the products would be sold by women heads of household.

Thanks to the Flower Harvesters Plan, today the ‘Wild Fruit’ hair treatment products, shampoo, conditioner, toners, soaps for the body, among other products, are found throughout Colombia, in chain stores with their Miel de Colibrí stores, and in countries such as Australia, the United States and Canada.

Marcela’s avatars, however, do not end . In November of last year she was diagnosed with a new cancer, this time of the thyroid .

She had a complex surgery. While she was recovering, and as if that were not enough, one of her cats fell to her death from a window in her house. These months that she spent she dedicated to concentrating on her recovery. Today she is completely healthy. That is why this year’s campaign is called ‘Renacer’, like her life in which she has had to be reborn many times.