They create the first platform that allows you to clone an NFT before selling it

The website states: “Many collectors hold on to their NFTs and want to keep seeing their art in their wallet long after they’ve been sold. Sometimes collectors have to sell them to realize their assets.” , but for whatever reason they often want to keep a memory of the NFT they once had, and now they can.”

It claims to be the world’s first NFT backup service that allows you to keep a copy of your NFT in your wallet even after you sell the original.

The system works creating an exact digital copy of the art, but with another unique contract on the blockchain, effectively making it an almost exact clone of the original NFT.

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The copy of the digital art will lack the privileges of the original NFT, but will have the same appearance and could even be sold as a copy.

How much does it cost? The website charges a fee of 0.02ETH for making a copy of the NFT. This fee is sent to the contract when the clone is started.

The newly minted NFT belongs to the owner so that he can do with it what he wants. You are free to list it in the different markets, or transfer it to any other wallet to keep it safe.

Recently, news broke of an application called NFT Replicas, which was based on creating replicas of NFTs identical in bits to the original NFT, that is, generating prints of works of art, if we take another example.

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It was defined as follows: “an easy way to create replicas of virtually any NFT. These replica NFTs are bit identical to the original NFT and can be seen in your crypto wallet, used as an avatar, or displayed on platforms like OpenSea.”

This had great media coverage, however, it was all a mere Internet joke due to the exorbitant sale prices for a simple NFT and the dimension of exclusivity of these digital tokens.

Despite this anecdote, it has little to do with Here we are talking about something that, despite taking away the originality of the NFT, allows you to keep it as a gallery/souvenir.