They denounce an attack against Amparo Toloza, a social leader, south of Bogotá

Amparo Toloza, a social leader, suffered an attack when she was traveling in a van with her team of bodyguards through the streets of south of Bogotá.

According to the first information, replicated by the politician Adolfo Rivas, the woman was going on Monday night in the vicinity of Avenida Ciudad de Cali with the Portal de las Américas.

It appears that hitmen shot at the car eight times. According to what the bodyguards told ‘Caracol Radio’, the attack was foiled because the driver rammed the alleged criminals and stopped a red vehicle in which they were driving.

A cell phone and a weapon were reportedly seized fire at the scene.

“They started shooting at the car, it wasn’t even one, there were eight. You know who doesn’t want you to be alive and who gets in the way in this country”, said Toloza, in a video broadcast on social networks.

“They want to kill us for defending peace, demanding full reparation and the return of the lands dispossessed by the paramilitaries,” Rivas wrote to report on the event.

The news was also announced by Senator Armando Benedetti, who asked the authorities to initiate the pertinent investigations and reinforce the security scheme of the leader linked to theHuman Colombia.

Amparo Toloza is a social leader and human rights defender. As she told this newspaper some time ago, she has been forcibly displaced four times and threatened countless times.

For the time being, it is known that she escaped the attack on Monday night unharmed.