They denounce that a fraud in the elections is being forged in Magdalena

The former mayor of Santa Marta and candidate for the Senate for the Force Citizen movement, Rafael Martínez, denounced that there is provision in this year for various candidates to use “irregular mechanisms” in order to be elected.

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Martínez recalled that, in 2018, in the municipalities of Magdalena there was fraud in the elections to Congress and that this could be repeated on election day in 2022.

The instruction given to the regional delegates of the Registry is to guarantee a vote for certain electoral bosses by region

He considered having some “convincing evidence” with which he wants to demonstrate that, presumably, the National Registry of Civil Status orchestrated a fraud in the last elections legislation.

The candidate from Fuerza Ciudadana said that this situation became known due to complaints received by part of the internal staff of the Registrar’s Office.

“The instruction that there is to the regional delegates of the Registry is to guarantee a vote for certain electoral bosses by region, in the case of Magdalena it is known that for the Senate the favored one is Fabián Castillo”, denounced the spokesperson for Fuerza Ciudadana.

As detailed , the fraud consists of securing complete electoral positions, homogenizing the vote and guaranteeing enough votes to exceed the threshold in the House, exactly as was done in 2018, according to what he maintained, especially in the municipalities third, fourth and fifth category oría.

For example, Martínez stated that “in 2018 and after comparing the formats: E-10, E-11, E-14-and E-24, it can be shown that the Current House Representatives for Magdalena: Franklin Lozano, from Option Citizen; Kelyn González, from the Liberal party; Carlos Mario Farelo from Cambio Radical; and to a lesser extent Hernando Guida, from the U; the elections to Congress were stolen in Magdalena”.

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Request change of delegate

They stole the election and got their credentials with outright fraud

While, for the Senate issue, the beneficiaries of the fraud, according to their version, were Fabián Castillo and the confessed Eduardo Pulgar .

“The elections were stolen and they obtained their credentials with blatant fraud,” warned Rafa Martínez.

The Citizen Force movement, upon receiving this complaint and analyzing the evidence and verifying information, filed a criminal complaintagainst all the jurors and delegates of the Registrar’s Office and the municipalities where these electoral crimes occurred.

“The foregoing is easily demonstrated by finding atypical tables and positions where the combined vote of these candidates and the party far exceeds 30 percent of it”, explained Rafael Martínez.

Force Ciudadana requested the National Registrar, the MOE, and all non-governmental organizations the immediate change of the Regional Delegate of the Registrar’s Office and the mu mayors in Magdalena.

“We ask for the supervision of the elections on March 13 and that special attention be paid to the Magdalena case, the alarms be set off to prevent elections from being stolen again in the same way and replicate this model of electoral crime in the rest of the country”, emphasized Rafael Martínez.