They find three lifeless bodies of the missing girls in the Magdalena River

The Colombian Navy located and recovered this Tuesday morning four lifeless bodies in the Magdalena River , at the height of the municipality of Magangué (Bolívar), which correspond to three minors and one adult.

In Magangué, authorities and the community maintain the incessant search for two more girls who remain missing since Sunday night, after two boats collided. Both boats had violated all safety regulations and were traveling without lighting, in the middle of the night. Passengers were not wearing life jackets.

“Around 4:30 in the morning, search and rescue work resumed, like this, on the township of Tolú,Very close to the place of the collision, two bodies were located and recovered, corresponding to two minors. Then, 6 kilometers downstream, over the village of San Sebastián de Buena Vista, a third body was recovered, also a minor. Finally, in the Barbosa sector, 17 kilometers downstream from the point of collision, we managed to recover the body of an adult…”, said Marine Corps Lieutenant Colonel David Melo Ramìrez.

Tragedy in the same family

The girls who died after the two boats collided
are Carolina Castro Muñoz, 4 years old; Yomadis Castro Muñoz, 8; Solangie Guzmán Retamoza, 10; Dioselin Muñoz Guerra, 10; and Marcela Muñoz Guerra, 13. The five minors are members of the same family. In addition to the girls, the body of Vinson Barranco, 23, was found dead.

The boat was traveling without lighting and
passengers without life jackets

“Search and rescue activities are concentrated from kilometer 0 to kilometer 8, linking three vessels of the municipal administration in which the Civil Defense and the Red Cross are transported. In addition, it has the support of 14 canoes belonging to fishermen in the region,” reported the National Navy.

Nelviz Gutiérrez, mother of Vinson Barranco, reported that on their way back to their town on the Magdalena River, but in the dark of the night they did not see the other boat. The woman said that the fury of the water dragged her several meters while she heard people’s cries for help.

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However, 12 of the 18 passengers managed to swim to shore. But the current of the river and the darkness of the night swallowed the five children of the Muñoz family and the young Barranco, who lived in Barranquilla and had come to Magangué to visit his mother.

This is the fishing boat ‘El Cipriano’, which would have collided with that of the 18 travelers and caused the tragedy.


National Army

There are two fishermen captured in the accident

A few hours after the accident, and already with daylight, the authorities located two fishermen, hidden in a house in the district of Tolú, who apparently were the crew of the boat driver identified as El Cipriano, which -loaded with supplies- was involved in the collision on the night of February 6.

The two fishermen were captured
and are identified as responsible for the crash against the boat where 18 people were traveling between the districts of San Sebastián del Coyonal and Buena Vista, municipality of Magangué.

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“With the use of slings and artisanal means used by the fishermen of the region, it was possible to find the place where it was The vessel named La Niña Natalia, where people were travelling, has sunk,” assured the National Navy.

“With the support of fishermen from the sector, the vessel ‘La Niña Natalia’ was refloated, during the maneuver no bodies on board the boat, the hypothesis of the presence of bodies trapped in the boat’s tent was handled, which was dragged by the current of the Magdalena River”, underline sources from the National Navy.

The The boat was towed to the San Sebastián de Buenavista sector, where it was placed at the disposal of the National Police.


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