They recreate the bosses of Dark Souls with the aesthetics of Hollow Knight and the result is incredible

Just a few hours ago, Nintendo announced one of its new Directs and you’ll know what came to mind like lightning: Will we finally see Hollow Knight? : Silksong again? Then I’ve thought about how many times I’ve finished one of your broadcasts feeling like I have a red ball up my nose and a clown wig and it’s gone. But it is impossible to contain the hype in the face of this possibility if artists come to light who fuse the aesthetics of the game with other works such as Dark Souls.

It is no coincidence that I have mentioned this last game to you, since it is precisely on it that we will focus here; specifically, in a sheet designed by lubellide00 on Twitter in which they represent what all the final bosses of Dark Souls would look like, but with the art of the aforementioned Hollow Knight. Next, I leave you with the image so you can take a look at it with your own eyes:

Which are your favourites? Mine include Seath the Scaled Dragon, Sif the Great Gray Wolf, Ornstein and Smough, and the Asylum Demon. Who am I kidding by making a selection: I just took a look at the Knight Artorias and I feel bad to discard the designs of other bosses that appear in the image.

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Anyway, I guess this serves me (and I hope it served you too) as an appetizer until those responsible for Hollow Knight: Silksong finally decide what the hell is going on with this sequel and when we can get our hands on it… because the wait is starting to get a bit uphill, really.