This bug causes the Android Auto interface to be a mess after the last update

Although most users were waiting for the arrival of Android 12 for its new features, the system update has caused Android Auto to start reproducing a huge number of bugs in recent weeks, and we’re not just talking errors that affect the proper functioning of Google Maps, but also problems in the interface.

And a few hours ago, on the official Google forums, users began to complain that the Android Auto interface, after updating Android 12, is practically unusable, where many icons literally they become giants unbalancing the patterns of the user interface.

This is one of the most annoying bugs that users are facing in recent weeks related to Android 12 and Android Auto and Google have not yet acknowledged this problem so it is unknown if they are working on a hypothetical solution.

As you can see, the user interface is completely out of place due to the appearance of giant buttons that occupy the entire space of the screen, thus making the interaction on the interface useless.

So far users have been trying to solve the problem on their own, reconnecting the device, restarting it, clearing the cache, but none of this produces any improvement.

This error has been reported with various mobile devices including Samsung, Xiaomi and Oppo phones, making it appear to be a somewhat more widespread error than previous ones we have collected.