This bug in Android Auto makes Spotify not behave as you expect

Voice commands are tremendously important when we are driving, and that is why we use them to perform different actions in Android Auto, such as managing an application or listening to music, however, an error was recently reported whereby music playback on the system was not very high quality.

And a third-party music app, specifically Spotify, is causing a headache for certain Android Auto users who can’t use voice commands because the app literally won’t stop playing music.

As this error is detailed on the official Google forums, basically Spotify continues to play music at a time when playback should be paused because the user is making some kind of voice command.

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And it is that Spotify, for a small group of users, is interrupting the user’s interaction with the Google assistant, since the music playback does not stop when voice commands are sent.

This causes the Google Assistant to be unable to understand the user’s voice commands, so that voice actions cannot be performed until the Spotify application is closed directly.

Although it seems that there is only a small group of users affected, at the moment neither Spotify nor Google have acknowledged the bug, so if you are experiencing it you may have to look for a new alternative when listening to music on Android Auto .