This classic PS2 saga aims to return at some point, according to insider

If you are not very old in this world of video games, you may not have become a PS2 player. Or maybe you were, but only from selected games, as is the case for me since I was a child. That is why I don’t know the SOCOM saga, a franchise that had several installments spread over PS2, PS3 and PSP. This series has been stagnant for many years since its popularity was not as high as that of other war shooters, but it did have its nice fandom.

The writer of Days Gone and Siphon Filter would love to make a new single player SOCOM

There has been little talk of this saga returning, although you can see that the writer of Days Gonewas delighted to see it here again,focusing on a good campaign. The fact is that it has been now when the first rumor has emerged that SOCOM is going to return, although it is not known when and, above all, it is still a rumour. Take a look at all the details!

The SOCOM saga of PS2 could return

  • It has been on Reddit where this rumor has been echoed ??
  • It turns out that Colin Moriarty he was the one who mentioned in a Discord post that Resistance and Motorstorm are the only classic sagas that we will see again ?
  • However, they ask about SOCOM and he says that we will also see him again?
  • Colin Moriarty is one of those responsible for the podcast of Sacred Symbols, which has recently become popular due to its rumors and leaks that have sometimes turned out to be true ??

It remains a mystery if the SOCOM series is actually going to make a comeback from among the dead PS2 franchises. But yes, there are players who even think that it could be one of those 10 games as a service that PlayStation is going to release between now and 2026- what do you think?