This Google Meet feature is perfect for checking your English pronunciation and improving it

Today, technology has many functions that we do not use due to ignorance. Other times, we know the functions, but can’t think of useful uses for our needs. In that sense, few people use this YouTube trick to search a video, and few people use Google Meet subtitles. Not because they don’t know each other, but because they don’t need each other when we speak in our language, which is the one in which we usually communicate.

But, as Pepe Robles reminds us on Twitter, given how well they work as a way of transcribing what we say in English (and in other languages, but recognition is better in Shakespeare’s language), the function of subtitles is ideal for practicing speaking and checking if the machine understands us. If yes, it is normal for an interlocutor to do so as well.


How to use subtitles

Quick Access

To use subtitles, the first thing we need to do is start a call with just us. It’s okay if more people join, but if they talk, we’ll also see a transcript of what they say. To check if Google understands us, we will have to press the subtitles button, which appears to the right of the button to activate and deactivate the camera, and to the left of the screen sharing button.

How to use Google Meet from Gmail

How to use Google Meet from Gmail

Once we press it, we can choose in which language we want Google Meet to transcribe what we and the rest of the video call participants say. By default, we will have Spanish or English, but we can also choose German, Portuguese or French. When activating the button, it will be marked in blue and it will begin to show in text everything that we are saying, in real time.

Test English subtitles.

Try with Spanish subtitles.

As we can see, the process to use the function and check how well it understands us is simple and free. It’s not like having a tutor, but it helps. It may have bugs as it has with us, putting semicolons, but it may also be because we have been a little slower than expected, and perhaps Meet has understood that we were taking a break. As a way to improve the feature, perhaps Google can offer us a file where the entire transcript is recorded.