This is CoolWalk, the biggest revolution in Android Auto in its entire history

As we said, there are new features in Android Auto that are not available simply by updating the app from the Google Play store or the APK, but must be activated by us through a manipulation of the service database. Google.

A long time ago we brought you a preview of what could be the new official Android Auto interface. The design is codenamed Coolwalk and is expected to be the first major change to the app’s interface since July 2019.

Initially, this interface only affected the standard screen version of Android Auto, the one without split screen, that is, for non-wide screens. Now this new redesign applies to any Android Auto configuration and you can see a huge difference from the past right away.

Goodbye to the status bar, all the icons are condensed in the navigation bar. It is certainly a clever way to take advantage of the huge empty space that dominates the lower part since the lower 5 sections were abandoned.

The button to call the side dropdown menu has been removed to leave the interaction exclusively to the start button. Long pressing the home button reveals the pop-up widgets.

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As for the side curtain, a Google Assistant tab now shows the weather conditions in an enlarged way, if there is space available of course.

However, the setting that could change the most is the one dedicated to wide screens, in which it would return to the navigation bar at the bottom. In fact, according to what we have seen, Google is planning to standardize the interface, but with fixed side widgets.

Unfortunately, in this mode, the side curtain cannot be hidden from no way, not even with a long press of the home button. On the other hand, the navigation bar finally hosts the music widget statically when returning to the home screen.

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It is also noted that when you exit the navigation application, the map view remains fixed to the side and it is also possible to interact by touch to move the map.

Various visual bugs remain, so we still believe this design is far from its beta state, Android World explains.