This is Google’s latest smart device, but it won’t go on sale

Almost every day we discover all kinds of smart devices compatible with voice assistants and now it has also been known that Google has created a lamp to use with your assistant, but we have bad news in case that you are interested in buying one.

This device is called dLight and is committed to a minimalist design that fits into any space. The base is round and the white color prevails at all angles. As for the focus, it can be oriented to use it on a bedside table, when reading or even to focus in case you want more light in a video call.

One of the most viewed comments regarding dLight is that its design is largely reminiscent of Apple products, and with all the sense. Its multiple configuration options do too.

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With dLight it is possible to adjust the lighting and light temperature, and surely in a very simple way because it is a smart device that works with the Google Assistant. In addition, it is claimed to have a USB Type-C port.

But according to designer Ben Gold, this is a product that won’t be for sale: it will only be available to Google workers.

Employees of the large company who so wish may apply to Google for their dLight. In The Verge it is reported that the main objective with the smart lamp is to improve teleworking that is still present in the company, and without a specific return date at the moment.

As Gold reports, dLight will “probably never be for sale outside the company.” So if you are interested, you better look for alternatives. You will find plenty of options on the market.