This is how the development of GTA 6 has been influenced by the failure of the GTA Trilogy, according to Rockstar

Grand Theft Auto is one of the most titanic franchises in the history of video games. Both in cultural importance and in sales figures, the work of Rockstar has been crowned as one of the most relevant products of all time.

GTA 6 is on the horizon and many are excited about it (and rightly so), but that enthusiasm has been clouded in recent weeks by the release of GTA Trilogy, that did not arrive as expected.

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The GTA Trilogy will not repeat itself; Rockstar ensures that GTA 6 will have the quality we expect

  • Yesterday Rockstar met with the main shareholders of the company to communicate the results of the past quarter. Very interesting data is usually obtained from this type of meeting. ?
  • In this case, as expected, they have talked about GTA Trilogy. ?
  • The pack that contained the acclaimed trilogy hit the market last November and it goes without saying that it did not do so in the best conditions. Bugs, automatically generated textures, a section Questionable graphics… ?
  • We have to make it clear from the start that when I talk about disaster I mean the quality of the game and the criticism it received so much from the press as the public. In terms of sales, GTA Trilogy has been a complete success, managing to sell more than 10 million copies. ?
  • Rockstar have assured that this is “an isolated case” and that they will take it into account to avoid making the same mistakes in the development of future games of the company. ?
  • They recently announced that GTA 6 is in development, so they obviously refer to this title. ?
  • You’d expect a new game from the publisher’s biggest franchise to be as polished as Grand Theft Auto V was at the time, but it’s good to know that since the team itself are aware that not just anything is worth it. ?
  • What did you think of GTA Trilogy? Are you looking forward to GTA 6 or has the release of the remaster put you off a bit? Tell me in the comments below, you know I love reading you ?