This is the harsh reaction of one or those responsible for Battlefield 3 to the ‘failure’ of Battlefield 2042

Although I have been very far from the Battlefield saga for a good handful of installments, I can say that this is a saga with which I have a strong emotional bond for something specific: it was the first time I played online with one of my best friends thanks to Battlefield: Bad Company 2. And, precisely, with the latter it has to do with the matter… well, actually with its lead designer and with the opinion he has regarding Battlefield 2042.

We will agree that Battlefield 2042 has generated a more than divided opinion among those who have played it. Proof of this is the signature collection that is currently taking place to request massive refunds from the community. The current state of the franchise is not what it was and David Goldfarb, lead designer on Battlefield 3 and Battlefield: Bad Company 2 has spoken to it.

The Battlefield 2042 disaster told by Electronic Arts; this is his response to the failure of the shooter

  • ”Was there no one in charge of monitoring the quality of the game?”
  • ” Who thought this lived up to the experience the series offered in the past?” (referring to the fact that there are no maps that accommodate games with smaller teams
  • ‘ ‘I am very surprised at this type of stumble, even knowing that the biggest mistakes come from above”

Have any of you played Battlefield 2042? What’s your opinion of it? The truth is that we can only see what future awaits the game, whatever it may be and this happens due to the fact that DICE tries to overcome the situation and convince the fans again or to opt for a series of more drastic strategies.