This is the political map to the House of Representatives for Santander

The political panorama in Santander is made up of 61 candidates from 10 lists, two of them closed and one with only one person, who is from the Historical Pact. These candidates are risking it to keep the seven seats that the department has in the House of Representatives.

There are 16 applicants less than 4 years ago, “the truth is that a percentage that exceeds 60 percent of these members are called ‘filler ‘. Something that happens all over the country. Actually, those who are working and aspire to obtain a space in congress do not exceed 15”, analyzes Ancizar Casanova, a political analyst.

Currently the Liberal party has three seats, the Democratic Center 2, the leftist coalition or alternative one and Radical Change one.

Four years later the political map has changed circumstantially, the former mayor and current candidate for the Presidency, Rodolfo Hernández, has a closed list with his League of Governors movement, which changes the panorama .

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Julio Acelas, political analyst, takes a tour of the different lists that aspire to the Chamber.

“This list has something special and it is that Rodolfo allied himself with the traditional politicians, with the clientelists that he himself denounces, the list is headed by a candidate from ‘Pote’ Gómez and Mario Camacho then, yes, there is a seat there, it is of Liberal origin”, says Acelas.

The list of the Green Party is headed by Luz Danna Leal, sister of the current deputy Giovany Leal, one of the most voted in the last elections.

The list of the Centro Esperanza coalition has seven candidates, among them the former mayor of Piedecuesta Danny Ramirez and new faces such as Juan Sebastián López, who has the support of former senator Leonidas Gómez.

“The list of ‘The Greens’ can get a good vote but they can hardly have a threshold, the most recognized is Luz Danna Leal, it is a complicated issue. The one from the Coalición Centro Esperanza is in the same situation, with the factor that here they have two chips that can get a good vote, the former mayor Danny Ramiréz who has machinery and the candidate Juan Sebastián López who has the vote of the unions, that list is strong because Pedro Nilson Amaya, the former councilor, is also present”, analyzes Acelas.

Three years ago these lists came together to come up with a single candidate among all the parties, who turned out to be Congressman Fabián Díaz and this time there was no union.

“In the Historical Pact there is only one person who did not want to resign but all of their candidates are in the Greens and this could cause them a lot of confusion,” added Acelas.

On the Liberal side there are several candidates who have a lot of machinery and the vote can be very high.

“On one side is Alvaro Rueda, who is a young man supported by Jaime Durán and on the side of the Floridablanca mayor’s office, and on the other is Diego Frank Ariza, who has the full support of the Taveras, who manage a large clientele. and the Christian votes of Jhoana Chavez.”

Acelas assures that “at most the Liberal party goes from three seats to two and the second is disputed, with a second for Rodolfo and that of Cambio Radical, which is that of Ciro Fernandéz, but their support has been divided much”.

Democratic Center goes with seven candidates headed by Oscar Villamizar, current congressman whom Acelas considers could keep that seat. The other candidate who has been visible in this party is the wife of the questioned former congressman Edwin Ballesteros.

“Oscar managed to capture all the representation of the management with the National Government and has all the machinery to stay”, says he.

On the side of the Conservative party, Acelas believes that he can recover the seat that he lost four years ago.

“The presence of Héctor Mantilla gives him a new consistency, he has resources, he is dynamic because despite the fact that he was mayor he is young and new to politics. For me he can get the most votes, ”says Acelas.

The analyst referred to the movements of the family that has pulled the strings of politics in recent years in Santander, the Aguilars, after the scandal that broke out of alleged bribes in the governorship of Richard and that is deprived of liberty.

“The Aguilars are at their worst moment, despite the checkbook and the power they have in the Government, they are gathering neighborhood leaders but I think it is uncertain because of the two seats they are running for, I think they only keep one, this after being the largest voters four years ago,” he concludes.

Finally, the analyst indicated that the behavior of the Santanderean voter is still uncertain, “there is a lot of apathy, there will not be a great romp towards the independent sectors because the candidates have very low profiles, there is no money and there are difficulties for people to go to the headquarters but a lot of money is being spent in the campaigns”, indicated