This is Xiaomi’s smart coffee machine compatible with Nespresso capsules

Xiaomi gets its act together again and surprises us again, as always, with a new product that is quite new for quality-price. It is the Mijia Capsule Coffee Machine.

We are talking about a coffee maker with a totally minimalist and elegant design. At the top it has two buttons to select the amount of coffee we want it to dispense. Simple and uncomplicated.

It is compatible with Nespresso capsules, so goodbye headaches. However, it is not only compatible with this brand: also with Starbucks.

The coffee maker in question has some pretty powerful features. It has a capacity of 600ml (with the capacity to dispense between 40 and 110 ml of coffee)and 20 bars of power.

The coffee maker it heats up quite quickly and has an energy saving system that will turn off after 10 minutes without any activity.

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However, one of the most striking features of the Mijia Capsule Coffee Machine is its compatibility with the Xiaomi ecosystem. This makes it highly useful if you have the app from Xiomi, since it allows you to automate your own home.

Until now it was only marketed in China, however now it has reached the Spanish markets at a price of 163.58 euros.

It is currently for sale on the Shopee website (AliExpress competitor), and it has direct shipping from Madrid.

The latest addition to this catalog of Xiaomi items was the Smart Air Purifier Pro, a new air purifier, which can filter all the air in a room of up to 40 square meters in just 15 minutes. Something quite necessary in the times we live in.

Like any connected gadget, the Smart Air Purifier 4 line includes support for voice commands through Alexa and the Google Assistant, and can be controlled from the app from Xiaomi for home devices. Something that, as we have already mentioned, also has the Mijia Capsule Coffee Machine.