This Mini PC has Windows and costs only 99 euros: if you are looking for a cheap computer, nobody gives more

For users who want to buy a new computer there are many options, even if the budget is very limited. There are the laptops, the traditional desktops, the new Google Chromebooks and also the Mini PCs, the latter being the most affordable by far.

There are very compact and above all very cheap Mini PCs, and in most cases they come with Windows 10. To give a fairly illustrative example, AliExpress sells this Windows computer for only 99 euros, the Wintel Pro with 32GB of storage (and with an option of 64GB).

There is no doubt that it is a bargain, especially especially if, for example, you are looking for a PC that you can connect to the television to use the web version of some online services and entertainment platforms, as well as apps such as Kodi or Plex, which work like silk in Windows.

Wintel Pro Mini PC for 99 euros

Its processor is an Intel Intel Z8350, quite basic, but enough to run applications that do not require too much power. For 99 euros you can’t ask for much more, and that is practically the price of a similarly priced Raspberry Pi, but with the Microsoft OS pre-installed.

In addition, it has WiFi AC, Bluetooth and USB 2.0, so it also offers connectivity for everything that is needed, although obviously there are models that are much more expensive for sale and that improve power, WiFi speed and wired connections as well. on Telegram

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There are other Mini PCs with Windows that are also worth it, with W10, obviously, because these computer models do not yet have the capacity to run the new Windows 11, at least in most cases.

There is an important drawback, and that is that it comes from China, although the good part is that AliExpress offers a delivery commitment in just ten days, so you won’t have to wait too long, something that every This is more and more common in this store, which has accelerated delivery times quite a bit in recent years.

You will not have to pay postage or shipping costs, so all are advantages and you will be able to solve your need for very little money of a basic computer.