This pocket computer that you can build yourself will make you feel like a real hacker

In recent years, two technological prodigies have revolutionized DIY technology: Raspberry Pi mini PCs, and 3D printers.

Using these elements, you can build yourself this spectacular portable micro for hackers.

It’s called Penkesu, and it’s created by Penk Chen , an engineer who wanted to build himself a pocket computer taken from a cyberpunk manga from the 90s. The spectacular design gives him away…

The heart of Penkesu is the Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W micro PC. It hardly costs 16 euros, but because of the semiconductor crisis, it is sold out everywhere. You can get it on Amazon through speculator stores that sell it to you for 79 euros.

The case is printed in 3D, and the rest of the components are easy to get. Penk Chen has published the complete list on his website, as well as the 3D designs to print the case:

Penkesu DIY Computer

It also provides a step by step guide to building this hacker pocket PC from scratch.

You have to have some basic knowledge of electronics, since you have to solder, but it is a simple process because it has very few components: the Rapsberry Pi Zero 2 W, the case, the keyboard, the battery > and little else.

The portable ultrawide monitor, very fashionable in Japan, is striking, as you can see in this video:

These monitors are mainly used vertical, as a social media monitor to view Twitter feeds, Facebook feeds, TikTok videos, etc.

The one used by Penk Chen It has a size of 7.9 inches, and a resolution of 1,280 x 400 pixels. It costs around $79.

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Thiscyberpunk pocket computerisn’t overly powerful, but it’s capable of running Linux distributions, and can run any basic application that runs on Linux.

It may not be very practical, but visually it is spectacular.