This SSD will put your computer at 530 MB per second and now it’s almost half the price

Solid-state drives are now virtually ubiquitous in all new computers, and they’re getting faster and cheaper, which is good news if you’re thinking of buying one with a larger capacity than your own.

Right now Amazon, for example, has two SSDs on sale, both with 500GB capacity and very attractive prices. On the one hand, there is the SanDisk Ultra 3D that drops to 54 euros (-46%) and on the other the Kingston NV1 NVMe for 53 euros (-23%), each with a different connection technology.

The SanDisk is SATA and the Kinston is NVMe, so you only have to choose which model is best for you, because what is clear is that to have 500GB of space, you need two very cheap SSDs that Amazon has on offer right now.

500GB Ultra 3D SSD

This high-speed SATA3 format SSD is ideal for any type of laptop. It reaches 500GB/s of reading speed and has a very good price.

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The SanDisk model is especially attractive because it is suitable for any type of PC, even for laptops with many years behind them, since it simply replaces an old hard drive in the same bay that used this one.

It is therefore much easier to install, although obviously later you will have to reinstall the operating system from scratch, either Windows 10 or directly Windows 11, if you are not using some Linux distribution.

If you have never used a unit of this type you will instantly notice that things change a lot, with a more than notable acceleration in the times of switching on and off, but also with greater fluidity when running any application. on Telegram

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With 500GB there is more than enough space to install the operating system and all the applications you need, thus overcoming one of the main problems that cheaper computers have today, which come with 128GB of capacity in many cases, something insufficient for almost any user at this point.

Obviously, if you are going to download a lot of videos and games, you will be interested in making the jump to an SSD of 1TB or more, or maybe an external hard drive, you decide.

In any case, as this item exceeds 29 euros, you have free shipping from Amazon whether you are a Prime user or not. If you are also one, so much the better, because one of the many benefits of the Prime account is the express delivery of your purchases, in just 24 business hours.