This website has created a copy of Earth in the metaverse, and there are already people squatting and speculating on houses that do not belong to them

Your savings may not be enough to buy a 100 m² piece of land in the real world, but you can get a plot in the metaverse. Next Earth is a German platform that offers a copy of Planet Earth divided into 100-meter plots that are for sale. And that they allow you to buy a piece of land in the place that you like the most in the world, but this time in a world based on Blockchain.

The fact is that it is not a joke: investors have already started buying land in the best located places in the cities and almost as if they were talking about gentrification in the real world, a few users are owners of a large part of the buildings in a city.

Something like they give us a new world and we decide to do the same with it as with the one we already have. We talk a lot about the emptied Spain, but we would empty it again and concentrate it in a few cities. On the Planet of the Metaverse, the countries with the most expensive properties are the Vatican, Monaco and Gibraltar.

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Real estate speculation in a parallel world

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In real life there would be no way to buy a plot of land in the Vatican, but the Holy See should not worry that even if they buy their territories in a blockchain Metaverse, no one is going to take anything away from them. They remain as two parallel universes. The same thing happens to everyone: if you see that the place where your house is located someone has bought the land, nothing will happen to you. It has no legal implication, because there is no public administration to support it, but there are still people spending a lot of money.

In fact, the NFTs you purchase can be resold on OpenSea (one of the platforms that supports this idea, as you can see on the website itself). But remember, as we have already published so many times, an NFT does not give you rights associated with an object, a work of art or a property (just like if you buy a copy of a book).

Therefore, having the NFT of your house will not change anything, although it can help you speculate and try to resell a place, in case the flute sounds and an investor wants to pay you for a piece of land more than you have spent. Weirder stories have been seen in the NFT world.

In the future, when we can truly access the world of the Metaverse, this type of platform dreams that if many people use augmented reality glasses to navigate Parallel Planets, plot owners can make money renting a space to for a brand to put up a billboard, for example.

How can you buy your property or know what yours costs

Enter Next Earth and click on “Buy Land”. The tool is very well done, really, with quality maps. In the side search engine you can indicate which location you are looking for. If you want to know what the plot where your house is located costs, you can easily enter your address. Or the place in the world that you like and that remains free. You will see that the earth is divided into small squares.

The prices appear in USDT which is the name given to the Theter, a cryptocurrency of those baptized as a stablecoin. Next Earth works with MATIC and the most famous buildings in each city have a very high price. When you select a space, they will tell you if it is available or if it is already purchased. In the second case, they tell you the name of the owner (virtual name).