This will be the new Film Law that will be approved on Tuesday and can revolutionize Spanish productions

Traditionally, film and television productions have had an abyss between them, with some honorable exceptions.

This translates into many nuances, both financial, larger budgets, greater option of subsidies, etc., such as media impact and institutional support. It also implies that, until now, they have had two different regulations.

However, times change, and the current Film Law in our country has become understandably outdated, reflecting a reality that existed in the mid-2000s, but not today.

This will lead the Ministry of Culture, headed by Miquel Iceta, to take next Tuesday to the Council of Ministers his new Film Law, which will equate films and series and encompass them in a common regulation.

In addition, it leaves open the possibility that those films that do not go through movie theaters movies, have options to receive public aid.

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Iceta already announced a few weeks ago that this proposal would reach the Council of Ministers in the first half of February.

The current rule must be adapted to the new reality of the audiovisual sector, creating a modern and lasting regulatory framework that encompasses the diversity and richness of audiovisual creation, and not only cinematographic“.

Time has seen how international series began to to stand out thanks to an unprecedented level of support, as The Sopranos could have been at the time, although it was Game of Thrones that broke the mold forever on a global level.

In Spain, series such as La casa de paper or 30 coins have brought to light a television potential that has been evolving for more than fifteen years, but that did not find a suitable response at the institutional level.

It will be necessary to see if the text presented by Miquel Iceta on Tuesday fulfills with the expectations that the Spanish audiovisual industry has placed on it.

Certainly , you have to know how to adapt to a time when the line that divides movies and series is barely perceptible in many aspects, and where streaming platforms have become a major player globally, but also nationally.