This Zoom invitation is a trap for you to lose your email account

Although video calls boomed with the start of the pandemic, with the gradual return to normality, applications like Zoom are losing a lot of strength, but they continue to be used by certain organizations, and also by people, who have become accustomed to making these types of calls with loved ones, co-workers or friends.

That is why cybercriminals continue to create new strategies to scam and steal credentials from a large group of people who continue to use video calling applications, and now a new scam has been discovered that you should be aware of so as not to fall for it. trap.

And now the research and security firm Armorblox has uncovered a new scam targeting Zoom users in the United States, whereby the user is urged to participate in an important meeting by having to join the same through a link within an email.

If you click on this link, you will be redirected to a fake Microsoft Outlook login page where if you enter your credentials, they will end up on an external server owned by cybercriminals who will then be able to log in to your Outlook account whenever they want.

Interestingly, this scam email bypassed all of Microsoft’s security checks and filters, and even determined that it came from a safe sender.

These types of messages are very dangerous, since if they pass the security filter, they can confuse the user into believing that it is a totally real meeting.

That is why the research and security firm offers a series of recommendations to avoid this type of phishing attack that is carried out through emails:

  • They recommend not clicking on links and attachments that we receive from emails that we are not expecting
  • If the message feels urgent you should delete it
  • Spelling and grammatical errors are quite common in scams
  • Manually type the address of your email client in the browser.
  • It is recommended to have an updated antivirus running at all times

So if you end up Receiving some kind of invitation to join a Zoom meeting, be it work or family, confirm beforehand with one of your colleagues or with your bosses that it really is a real meeting.