Threats against social leaders in Cesar tarnish the electoral campaign

A new pamphlet circulates in the department of Cesar in which several people are threatened. The intimidations are against Luis Aguilar de Curumaní and Jimmy Herazo de Pelaya, calling them “promoting leftist, communist and revolutionary political forces” in these areas of the Colombian Caribbean.

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“They have been declared military objectives for our organization and we will begin to act against them and their lives, because they threaten the democratic security of the state,” it reads the pamphlet signed by the alleged Black Eagles.

National early warning for social leaders

Under the protection of this alert we have been following up on the case of Herazo, who had a relative killed and he associated him with these threats to intimidate him

Herazo has been the victim of threats on other occasions, for several cases of land restitution in Pelaya.

From the Ombudsman’s Office there is a national early warning for social leaders, whose process is being monitored.

“The government has been notified to take measures and actions. Under the protection of this alert, we have been monitoring the case de Herazo, whose relative was killed and he associated him with these threats to intimidate him,” highlighted a source from the Ombudsman’s Office.

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The warnings in these pamphlets took Luis Aguilar, a law student, by surprise, who requested the necessary support from the pertinent authorities since his life is at risk.

“It is the first time that they threaten me. Which surprises me, because in my house nobody is political. Everything comes because I commented on a meeting that the current political class does not represent us. Now, irresponsibly, these pamphlets are circulating and exposing us to danger. I want the authorities to guarantee us the right to live in peace and freedom of expression,” stressed Aguilar.