Three Russian Teens Sentenced to Prison for Planning to Blow Up a Federal Building in Minecraft

Three Russian teenagers have been tried and one of them sentenced to five years in prison for terrorist activities, which allegedly included a plan to blow up a Russian federal building …which they had designed in Minecraft.

The Moscow Times reports (via IGN) that the teens, aged 14 at the time of their arrest, were arrested in June 2020 for hanging Propaganda posters at a local FSB (Federal Security Services) building in Kansk, Siberia, with slogans saying “the FSB are the real terrorists.”

Upon investigation, they discovered that the teenagers (Nikita Uvarov, Denis Mikhailenko and Bogdan Andreyev) supported Azat Miftakhov, an anarchist who was sentenced to six years in prison. But the most worrying thing was that, on their mobiles, they had videos preparing homemade bombs and even throwing a Molotov cocktail at a wall.

The strangest thing was also a plan, presumably to blow up a building of the FSB in Moscow…which they had designed in Minecraft!

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The court finds them guilty on charges of “training for the purpose of carrying out terrorist activities.” Two are under house arrest after pleading guilty, and a third was taken to a prison where he denounces that he was subjected to mental and physical pressure to confess.

I had the desire to learn something, I like to learn things about physics, chemistry, biology and famous scientists. I am not a terrorist, I am not guilty. I would like to finish my studies and go away from here, where I don’t irritate the special services“, said one of them, who was sentenced to five years in prison.

The others were sentenced to three and four years of suspended sentence. Their relatives and teachers said that they were normal boys, like any other. “He always knew where he was, even when they were making those bombs. But they were small jokes,” said the mother of one.