TikTok will prevent the youngest from consuming potentially inappropriate content

After experiencing two years of constant and meteoric rise, TikTok is now focusing on the most regulatory part of its platform. The video application has focused on the restrictions on content for younger users.

According to information from Engadget, the work is in an initial phase, but the company says that the objective is to protect the youngest users of content mature or other potentially inappropriate videos.

With user protection and transparency a top concern for many companies, the company’s vice president of public policy hinted that the app was working on new ways ofenjoy content based on age“.

In statements collected by Engadget, Tracy Elizabeth, TikTok’s global policy officer, points out that “when the system is fully launched, content that we have identified as containing overtly mature topics could be restricted to teens.”

And for content that has less… mature topics, members of our community will be able to choose comfort zones or maturity of the content they would prefer to omit or opt out of“, he added.

We know there’s family content, teen content, and adult content. What we’d like to do is… say ‘here you go: you can choose for yourself Which category do you feel most comfortable with’“, he commented.

Limitation of 40 minutes per day and parental protection

But these TikTok measures are not the first to be focused on limiting the use of the application by the youngest. Already last September, the Chinese version of this social network limited its use to children under 14 years of age to only 40 minutes a day.

In addition, those 40 minutes are only available for the youngest between 6 in the morning and 10 at night.

In order to access, users have to register with their real name and access a “youth mode” designed for them and that includes this time limitation.

In addition, according to the newspaper El Mundo, TikTok recommends “historical content, scientific dissemination and exhibitions in museums” to said minors for arousing in them “an interest in a certain field” and that they “learn something” during the time of use.

On the other hand, TikTok also has the family safety mode, or Family Safety“, which allows you to link the account of the minors with the TikTok application of the father and control the content they consume.

This article was published in Business Insider Spain by Iván Cáceres.