Tinder’s new feature to find love is blind dates

When it comes to flirting there is nothing written and, in fact, in recent years dating applications have grown. Tinder is still one of the most used and, above all, continues to be one of the most popular among all users.

This popularity is due in general to the number of features and functions it includes, and every time it is updated including new features that improve the overall experience within the application.

The latest thing an app has released is a somewhat strange feature. And, it is that, Tinder seems to have brought blind dates back. Yes, you read it right. Now in the most famous dating app you can have a blind date.

Just don’t get excited just yet. And, it is that, those of Tinder have not yet invented teleportation; so you have to understand that this blind date is completely virtual. The way it works is as follows.

On the main page of Tinder, where all the news of each week are shown, the feature called blind dates will be displayed. When clicking on it, what will happen is that the application will match you with another person.

No, it will not be a normal match. In fact, it is much simpler than that. What this blind date function does is generate a chat with a completely random person. This way you can talk to someone from scratch.

The best thing about this feature is that people inside the application will have no idea what the other person is like. The concept of a blind date has been completely elevated.

In this chat, to try to make the experience completely fluid, those from Tinder have decided to generate a series of wildcard questions with which users can talk without needing of thinking too much.

After having talked and if everything goes well, users will be able to know the data of the other person’s profile. Doing so that after having interacted they can really get to know each other and see all the details such as photographs, in addition to seeing the person’s biography.

Of course, before the chat with the other person is generated , those of Tinder will make sure that there is a minimum of compatibility. To find out if this little spark exists, users will have to submit to a series of questions to break the ice.

The blind date feature of Tinder comes to try to generate a much more striking experience when flirting using this application.

That yes, we will have to see how the public responds to this new functionality that has been launched today. If you’re itching to give blind dates a try, Ted Crunch reports that it’s only available in English-speaking markets.