Today and tomorrow rains are expected in much of Colombia: Ideam

The Institute of Hydrology, Meteorology and Environmental Studies (Ideam) stated that this Tuesday, February 8 and tomorrow, Wednesday, February will see rains in much of the country.

The regions where this increase in rainfall would be seen would be: Andean, Pacific, Amazon, sectors of the Orinoquía, central and southern Caribbean and foothills of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.

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D According to Martha Cadena, head of Forecasts and Alerts at Ideam, the arrival of cloudiness from the Amazon has been observed, which according to analyzes will translate into large rainfall increases.

It is important to note that Colombia is currently in the dry season or less rainy season, in which rainfall decreases and there are greater risks of forest fires and frost.

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In this regard, Cadena pointed out that the increase in rainfall should not be taken as the end of the dry season and that it is important to follow the recommendations of the different institutions responsible for measuring and acting on these phenomena such as the Ideam.

“The fact that the rains have been activated in some areas of the country in The last few days does not imply that the rainy season of the first semester has begun, which begins with a transition in mid-March, especially in the Andean Region,” highlighted the expert.


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