Tom Holland as James Bond? The actor reveals how he sold himself to be 007

During the promotional tour for the Uncharted movie, Tom Holland admitted that he offered himself to Sony Pictures to take over from Daniel Craig and be the new 007. In an interview for the Los Angeles Times, the actor admits that he tried to sell the company a movie about the origins of the character in which it was not revealed until the end that its protagonist was the new James Bond.

“It was supposed to be about a young man who had just graduated from the SAS (the British special military force) and who was going on a mission, a mission that would obviously be full of adventures and would be very exciting,” says the Holland himself. “At the end of the film, the character would be recruited by MI6 and given double zero status and the title of James Bond. I think it was a really cool idea. , but I guess no one else thought that way.”Tom Holland 007

This is how the Uncharted movie was born

The actor jokes that if the character’s identity was a surprise, the movie couldn’t have been called James Bond or 007, which would have been a problem for the marketing department. In any case, he confesses that it was not a total waste of time, since that pitch was the one that ended up triggering the adaptation of Uncharted .

“The idea of ??making a young Bond movie in turn sparked the idea that we could do the same with Nathan Drake, tell a story about his origins rather than following that of the games. We started talking about it and discussing if I could play that role.” Even so, Holland does not throw in the towel and admits that he would love to end up playing Bond in the future. “I just want to clear this up: the suits look great on me.”

For now we will have to settle for seeing him in the Uncharted movie (of which you already have our review available). And as for Bond, everything indicates that Idris Elba could be the chosen one, since the saga’s own producer has admitted conversations with him. When will there be white smoke and we can say that about habemus 007?

Source: LA Times