Tom Holland talks about the aspect that cost him the most when playing Nathan Drake in Uncharted

This Friday, February 11, Uncharted hits theaters, the film that adapts Naughty Dog’s prolific adventure video game saga.

Tom Holland will play Nathan Drake, the treasure hunter who stars in the franchise. However, the film will address Drake’s early years in the guild, serving as an excuse for Holland’s youth and turning the film into a prequel to video games.

For his part, Mark Wahlberg will play Victor “Sully” Sullivan, a veteran treasure hunter who will mentor Nathan Drake. Antonio Banderas will play Moncada, the duo’s rival in their search for valuable relics.

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Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, Tom Holland explained that Nathan Drake is a character that has entailed a special difficulty when playing him.

Holland is widely known around the world for bringing Spider-Man to life in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, a titular hero used to doing stunts and dealing with CGI.

So what could give him problems for the British actor when it comes to bringing the character of Nathan Drake to life?

One of the most difficult things has been playing the “cool guy”. Historically, I’ve always played the weird guy that he doesn’t have many friends. Nathan Drake is the complete opposite, and it took me a while to get used to that.”

It’s true that roles like Peter Parker in the UCM they pigeonhole Tom Holland in a certain way, although he has memorable roles in films like The Impossible, Cherry and The Devil at All Hours.

This Friday we will see Whether playing the charismatic Nathan Drake has been great or not for Tom Holland, who has certainly done his physical training to live up to the character, although it is not what some fans of the saga expected.