Tourism: TOP 10 Tourist Attractions to Visit

Whenever we hear the word “Tourism”, lots of fantasies and desires comes in our mind which we could not omit. Tourism particularly refers to the fun and joys that we have while going on a trip. Traveling is the soul of tourism and travelers are called tourists. In all over the world traveling and tourism is not just a desire or hobby for peoples but tourism is far beyond that sightseeing, peoples are very passionate and curious for tourism and traveling across the world.

Sometimes people like to visit areas within the country and sometimes they plan for international tours, both types have their own value and fun. The places where tourists stay called resorts. The main enjoyment that tourists have is while they travel from place to place, they use a different type of transportation, eats multiple and new types of meal, intellect with new individuals belongs to different areas and languages having their own customs and traditions. In short, they are the peoples who teach us new secrets of life. Chilling enjoyment gets double if you have your family, friends and kids while traveling and exploring new things. 

Tourism: TOP 10 Tourist Attractions to Visit 

  • Paris

(France capital, basically Paris is a European country and famous for art, fragrances, and fashion. Eifel tower is one of the most favorite attractions of tourists. Louvre Museum, iconic gothic church, and triumphal art & national monument are other beautiful attraction of this city)

  • Dubai

(the United Arab Emirates is recognized by the name of Dubai, the city is most famous for its ultra-modern and luxurious lifestyle. The main attraction of the city includes excellent architecture, sensational nights and thrilling amusement parks that left the tourists in a state of amazement. Burj Khalifa which is known as the tallest man-made building is located in this city also.

  • New York

(New York City is located in the United States of America, eye-catching attraction for tourists are the statue of liberty, Central Park, Times Square, and sky scrapper such as Empire state building.

  • Rome

(Rome is at number 3 with respect to population in European Union, tourists like visit Colossuem iconic ancient Roman arena, Pantheon, Trevi fountain in Rome)

  • Barcelona

(Barcelona is a capital of Spain and famous for its art and architecture, if you are planning to visit this city then must visit Sagrada Familia, Beaches, Park Guel, and Santa Mila)

  • London

(Big Ben is London’s iconic timepiece; Tower of London, Tower Bridge, Churchill war rooms, National gallery, and The British Museum are main attractions of London for tourists and visitors)

  • Pakistan

(Pakistan is very famous country within the subcontinent, the country now getting its value back after seeing a long time of terror. Tourists curiously want to visit Pakistan after the Royal Couple visited this country in 2019, Kaghan Valley, Badshahi Mosque, Lahore Fort, Sheesh Mahal, second largest salt mine, Mola Chatokk, mountainous areas, Huge Sea, and snowy peaks are main beauty of Pakistan)

  • Canada

(Stanley Park, Mountain recreation and glacial lakes, CN Tower, Moraine lake, Niagara Falls, and Bay of Funday area the attractions for tourists in Canada)

  • New Zealand

(Milford Sound, Mount Cook, Bay of Islands, Waitomo, Waterfalls, Mitre Peak)

  • Morocco

(Basically North African country connecting with the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean sea and offers a number of entertainments to tourists for fun, Bahia Palace, Hasan II Mosque, Jardin Majorelle are advised to visit) 

Importance of tourism

As per studies tourism not just improves your physical fitness but also enhances your mental health, seeing a new sights gives you ecstasy and such beautiful colors of this world and nature improves your capability of thinking. In short, if you are tired from you hectic work routine and want rest in life then you must plan a trip in order to relieve yourself.   

Tourism as a career

Tourism has acquired the status of an industry now because when someone visits any other country or place, it opens the ways of finance and growth. Also, it is beneficial in the sense of commercial activities increases of the country. Now it has become a trend that when you visit any new place then capture footage or make video logs for the sake of uploading on social sites to get cash payments in return whenever someone watches your video. You can also pick a DSLR camera with your assistant in order to film a proper documentary about a place and later you can sell it to any good producer or filmmaker.