Trailer and date of the series The Man Who Fell to Earth: an alien will try to save the Earth

The Man Who Fell to Earth, the new science fiction series from Showtime and starring Chiwetel Ejiofor (Oscar nominated for the movie 12 years a slave), already has a release date. This has been shared by its managers, publishing a promising trailer that you can see on these lines and confirming that its first season can be seen from next April 24, 2022. The Man Who Fell to Earth is an ambitious adaptation of the novel by Walter Tevis and, in turn, of the film of the same name starring David Bowie in 1976, with which it seems to have a surprising relationship.

An alien to save us all

Thus, as in previous The Man Who Fell to Earth stories, a battered alien arrives on Earth from his nearly extinct planet to save Earth from the same fatal fate. Chiwetel Ejiofor plays the protagonist of it, Faraday , an alien who comes to us with the best of intentions; although soon things will begin to go wrong : “He arrives at a decisive point in human evolution and must face his own past to determine his future”, tells us the official synopsis of him .The Man Who Fell to Earth series trailer and date: an alien will try to save Earth

Faraday will soon meet Justin Falls, a scientist played by Naomie Harris (Venom: There Will Be Carnage, Moonlight, Skyfall, 28 days later) who will try to help the visitor in the face of the persecution of various factions that They intend to capture it for their benefit. Along with both protagonists we also find names like Bill Nighy, Jimmi Simpson and Kate Mulgrew.

The showrunners of the series are Alex Kurtzman and Jenny Lumet, both with backgrounds in science fiction thanks to their work on Star Trek: Discovery strong> and Star Trek: Strange Worlds, respectively. The Man Who Fell to Earth premieres on Showtime on April 24, a channel that recently brought back a television icon like Dexter with its last and true final season.

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