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Istanbul, Turkey, is one of the most interesting cities to visit and eat in the world. Turkey with that contemporary and gastronomic accent that so many people like. That’s what Mikla ‘s Mehmet Gurs does, at the top of the Marmara Pera Turkish restaurant, with a breathtaking view of the Bosphoro, all the way to the eastern side. The chef is a local celebrity and his tasting menu includes revisited classics and dishes with lost ingredients. Modern and sophisticated atmosphere. Mesrutiyet Caddesi, 15, Beyouglu.

Ciya Sograsi

Musa Dagdeviren is a Turkish cook. 30 years ago, he opened the simple Ciya Sograsi, in which we choose, in the pans, the typical delicacies he makes. So he assembles dishes with all the tastes and aromas of Turkish Restaurant, spending very little money. Be sure to eat the beef stew with wheat. It’s on the busiest street in Kadikoy, on the Asian side of Istanbul. Guneslibahce Sokak, 48. Know more about Bosporus Turkish Restaurant in Dubai.


60 million liters of raki, Turkey’s national drink, are consumed each year there. Yeni is the most popular brand of dried (or fresh) grape distillate flavored with anise. In the stylish Munferit bar, it is possible to drink the lion’s milk (as it is called by the milky aspect) produced by the owner’s family. The Beylerbeyi is three times distilled and is very light. Yeni Carsi Caddesi, 19, Beyoug.

Cerkezkoy Delicatessen

Turkish breakfast is another national institution, much more for a brunch, with cold cuts, cheeses, eggs, olives, cucumbers, tomatoes, curds and the indefectible butter mixed with honey (which are not mixed. mix). On weekends, the local program is to go to Cerkezkoy Delicatessen , in Beyouglu, near the Karakoy ferry station, and get lost in a sea of ??typical dishes, displayed in a window inside the house. Then, enjoy, without haste, at one of the sidewalk tables. Insider alert: you won’t see tourists around here. Rihtim Caddesi, 6, tel.: +90 212 252 52

There is no one who doesn’t freak out about the size, color and quality of Turkish pomegranates. To make the most of them, freshly squeezed fruit juice, served on the streets of Istanbul, is a must. It is fresh, sweet and has outstanding tannins. Only pomegranate and nothing else.

Turkish tea

Here, Turkish tea is drunk all day long, in the tulip-shaped cup. There are merchants who offer it as a form of hospitality, to attract tourists to their stores (if you accept, buy or pray to get out of your foot). Turkish tea is black. The secret is in the preparation, in the çaidanlik, two overlapping kettles. One tablespoon of tea is placed for each person, on top. And water at the bottom. When it boils, it goes to the top. Then, add more water to the bottom, to regulate the intensity of the tea, after another 10, 15 minutes in the fire.

Spice Market

There are two millennial markets in Istanbul: the famous Grand Bazaar has it all, inside an incredible architectural masterpiece. The Mercado de Esperiarias , a little smaller, also has everything including… food! In addition to seasonings, there are herbs, dried fruits, grains, canned goods, drinks and sweets to eat and take away. But it’s not easy to buy here. First, because they skin tourists. Then, because you’ll-have-to-negotiate. It’s part of the tradition. Suggesting about 30, 40% off the price is one way to start playing. More than that can seem disrespectful. If you prefer, there are the same products in several other parts of the city.

Karakoy Lokantasi

Karakoy Lokantasi is one of the most charming restaurants in Istanbul, in the neighborhood that has been revitalized and is already very cool (Karakoy). The turquoise blue tiles surround the whole place and create a very special atmosphere. Mainly frequented by locals, it has magnificent typical food and kind service led by the friendly Aylin Okutan. Tip: go to the window where almost all the dishes are and point to what you like the most. Better to make a reservation. Kemanks Caddesi, 37.


Churraqueiro showman Salt Bae became a worldwide celebrity when he made videos viral in which he displayed his impressive ability to cut and prepare meats, ending with the apotheotic pinch of salt, thrown like a goose arm. Well, you know, it’s possible, with any luck, to run into him at his great steakhouse, Nurs-et . Another possibility is to stop at Nusr-et Burger, at various addresses in the city. His hamburger is special, with a thin layer of bun enveloping an old hunk of meat. Nispetiye Caddesi, 87 .

Street food

Typical Istanbul street food is bread and fish, yes, simple as that. Mackerel (abundant in the region) very fresh, caught right there in the Bosphorus strait or in the Sea of ??Marmara, plated and placed in two slices of robust bread, with tomatoes and an onion and herb sauce. Sanduba (“balik ekmek, balik ekmek!”, they shout all the time) is made and served in the beautiful boats that are moored next to the Galata bridge (you can’t miss it). It is really worth getting into the middle of the crowd that is always there. Of course, it’s really, really cheap food.

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These are the best Turkish Restaurant you should visit.