Twitter tests the inclusion of different playback speeds for videos

Popularized on Netflix and YouTube, and after its arrival on other platforms such as Twitch or even WhatsApp,now Twitteris the next to join the trend of including a tool with which we can Speed ??up or slow down the playback of all content published on your social network, whether videos or audios, using the already standardized playback speeds.

Although it is a function still in the testing period, the company has already assured that the tool will be available both for the Android mobile application and through the web version of Twitter, yes, without mentioning iOS users for the moment.

Thus, starting today, some of the users of the social network will be able to find a small gear-shaped symbol at the top of their videos, next to the button for subtitles. With this function, we can access a range of speeds between a quarter of the original speed (0.25x) up to double (2x). Although since it is a forced acceleration, it should be noted that it is easy for us to obtain some unwanted effects or distortions, with some chimpunk or smurf-like voices, or messages from the depths of hell.

However, these tools have proven to be useful for those people with a great attention span and little time, even to adjust some videos or repetitions in which we want to see the playback in great detail , and even help us better capture some speeches, among other uses.