Two-step verification works and Google claims that compromised accounts have decreased by 50%

This is not the first time we have talked about the need to activate two-step verification wherever possible. This is a simple method to ensure that there will be no intrusion into your accounts and applications, so much so that in Google it is being one of the most promoted measures.

Google tried last year to enhance this security measure for normal accounts and also for YouTube creators, for example. In our case, we think it’s a good idea and we recommend a manual in which we explain what two-step authentication is and how to activate it.

The thing is that Google’s blog has shared a publication on the subject and confirm the effects of this verification. As expected, they are very positive.

According to Google’s post, they pushed 2-Step Verification (2SV) last year and have since turned it on “automatically for over 150 million people and have also required it for over 2 million users.” our YouTube creators. As a result of this effort, we’ve seen a 50% decrease in compromised accounts among those users “.

A halving in security issues is compelling enough to encourage users to turn on the option, but we may see other security options in the future.

List of ‘Ok Google’ voice commands for Google Assistant updated in 2022

It is well known that Google and other companies have long been investigating how to eliminate passwords from our lives and biometric data or voice may be the way to do it, or always carry a security key, according to reports in Android Police.

However, at the moment we have this type ofbarriers that are proving their effectiveness. At Google they want to make it clear: two-step verification works and you should activate it.