Uma Thurman does remember the Batman and Robin movie fondly

There are films that at the time failed to win the love of critics and the public but that as time goes by are revised as small misunderstood works of art, a situation completely contrary to what happens to the 1997 Batman and Robin movie, which turns 25 this year, scaring even those who worked on it.

Or at least the vast majority, because actress Uma Thurman, who played the DC villain Poison Ivy in Joel Schumacher’s film, says it was “a wonderful experience” in an interview with ET, and is surprised that it’s already been a quarter of a century since it was released.

“Oh my god, it’s amazing. Just the other day I was talking about Joel Schumacher, who was a good friend and whom I loved very much… I loved Joel very much,” acknowledged Thurman, remembering the director who died at the age of 80 in June 2020, “it was a fantastic experience. I had to put on a lot of rubber suits. Good thing I wasn’t wearing a rubber mask, you could see my face.”

“They did put some rubber prosthetics on my face. Too much rubber for me, it’s the time I’ve worked with more plastic in my life,” recalled the actress, who seems to have a very different memory of the superhero movie than and, for example, he has his former co-star George Clooney who confessed that it “physically hurts” him to see the movie again.

Critique of Suspects, the addictive thriller from Apple TV+ that features Uma Thurman in its cast

In fact, he has recognized on occasion that he found the script “terrible” from the first moment and when he sees himself acting he is embarrassed to see how badly he did it. Fortunately, he managed to recover and end a successful career both as an actor and as a director. Something similar to what happened to Uma Thurman whose role as a DC villain did not take its toll on a successful career.

Currently Thurman has gone to television with the Apple series TV+ Suspects, about five normal Brits who are accused of kidnapping the son of an American media mogul and begin a race against time to prove their innocence.