Uncharted review – Tom Holland captains a creditable movie based on video games

The love relationship between movies and video games sometimes takes many different directions. It’s clear that with the Uncharted games, Naughty Dog borrowed a lot from the cinematic narrative and that helped them create some memorable adventures.

Now, it’s time to return the favor with the Uncharted movie. Uncharted, which hit theaters after many months in which the public expressed their pluses and minuses about whether the good old Tom Holland would be able to emulate the charisma and presence of Nathan Drake.

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After having been able to see the film, we have been reasonably satisfied, considering that there are some weaker things… And others quite brilliant.

The Uncharted’s director is Ruben Fleischer, who was already in charge of Welcome to Zombieland and Venom, so he has a lot of callus when it comes to conceiving films that mix humor and adventure. And the cast is not short: apart from Tom Holland himself, we have Mark Wahlberg as Sully and Sophia Ali (Truth or Dare) as Chloe.

In roles created by the film we havethe emerging Tati Gabrielle(The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina) as the bloodthirsty Braddock and Antonio Banderasas the ambitious tycoon Moncada.

Let’s go to the grain with the big question: Is Tom Holland a good Nathan Drake? Of course, the kid puts everything on his side: he has put on a lot of muscle to compensate for his slimmer complexion, he participates in very complicated choreographies of action, he taught waiter classes for the opening act of the movie…

The result is noticeable on the screen and, in many moments, you really believe that you have Nathan Drake in front of you In our opinion, the “magic” doesn’t quite work, not only because of the difference face, but because the script presents us with a somewhat different Drake, perhaps a bit more know-it-all than the original.

But there is no doubt that Holland is a great action hero and all the sequences in which he participates are intense without a doubt. This is also helped by a much better rounded Sully by Mark Wahlberg. With him, it does seem to us that we have a sly, veteran and somewhat cynical guy, but hopelessly destined to be a mentor.

The relationship between Nate and Sully works great and in fact , is one of the strong points of the film, with some very funny dialogues.Ruben Fleischer left the actors i They’ll improvise their taunts and responses and that makes for some very fluid and fun scenes.

Our next favorite character would be, without a doubt, Tati Gabrielle’s Braddock. That actress has an overwhelming presence wherever she goes and here she manages to project that sense of threat. Somewhat less inspired are Chloe (how cool her character is in the games!) and, above all, Moncada de Banderas.

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Chloe manages to get into the classic Uncharted game of “never trust a thief” during the first half of the film, but in the second half the character is quite blurred. Still, she has her moments when she, Nate, and Sully clash.

Antonio Banderas, as cool as he is and how much we like him, he seems to be on autopilot here, with a character who doesn’t give him many opportunities either: the cliché of the cold and ambitious tycoon, who to top it all off is an elitist Spaniard.

But be careful, precisely we Spaniards have a lot to enjoy in the film, since a large part of the plot deals with Magellan’s expeditions for the Crown of Spain and the action takes place in Barcelona for a long time.

Yes, there are topics such as the flamenco playing and the ham, but the film shows in detail the Sagrada Familia, the basilica of Santa María del Pi, the Gothic Quarter and much more . It’s especially interesting to see those environments in action if you’ve ever visited them.

And speaking of the action… how does it work? Without a doubt, this is another of the strong points of the film. It is better to disconnect the neuron and not think about physical laws (why do some stand on a plane while others are thrown away? Do they really communicate by GPS in catacombs?), but if we succeed, we pass it big.

The impossible jumps, the falls into the void and the frantic pirouettes work wonderfully, thanks to the total dedication of Tom Holland and company, but also for the planning to when designing the staging, which is a true visual spectacle on the big screen.

Those of you who know the games will not be able to help but remember them, especially Uncharted 3, whose scene of the airplane is practically traced here.

The film includes some translated phrases text Usually from games, a very cool cameo and little Easter eggs here and there (it’s easy to see the Naughty Dog sticker, for example), which bring out the viewer’s playful side.

We also want to praise the casting decision for other “youthful” moments that are modeled on Uncharted 3 and Uncharted 4, albeit condensed to give rhythm to the whole.

The same thing happens with the puzzles and riddles, which of course appear here, but they are solved much faster than in games. In that sense, Drake sometimes seems too “savvy” to know absolutely everything despite his young age, but it’s still fun to see how the heroes face the tests and pitfalls.

In that sense,music plays a crucial role. Yes, we have the iconic main theme of the series, but only in a couple of very powerful moments in which “the body asks” that they sound, but the rest of the time it is about original scores and very suitable.

The other leitmotif of the film had to be Sam, Nathan’s brother, which is especially important in the last two games. Here is a crucial motivation for the hero and that side more Nate’s sentimental and noble nature will help many connect with him.

And, although it has a lot of action and comedy, the Uncharted movie knows how to rely on the values ??of brotherhood and trust as plot engines, something that is also very important in PlayStation adventures.

Overall, Uncharted is a film that, deep down, does not invent anything and remixes with its own optics, formulas like those of Indiana Jones, The Search or, yes, Tomb Raider. But it manages to come out well due to its good rhythm, its variety of situations and its strong support in humor.

There will be those who think it’s silly, without a doubt, but those who have grown up with Nate will surely enjoy the trip. Can it be a movie for “profane” in the franchise? Sure. Moreover, there may be those who enjoy it just for the casting. But it is clear that those who have already known honor among thieves will be able to see the hidden messages better.