US Announces $8 Million to Support Police Transformation

This Tuesday morning, the Undersecretary for Political Affairs of the White House, Victoria Nuland and the director of the institution, General Jorge Luis Vargas Valencia.

During the meeting, General Vargas informed the Undersecretary of the progress made in the process of transforming the National Police, which the Government of the United States supports.

Undersecretary Nuland assured that the relationship with the Colombian Police is “the core of the relationship to strengthen democracy in the country, to strengthen the democracy ofAmerica and thus protect our citizens against all kinds of illicit activities and influences and to create that sense of security and prosperity that we all deserve and that we want for our children and grandchildren,” she pointed out.

According to the US official, it has been 200 years of relations between her country and Colombia and she recognized the work of the Police and their efforts to strengthen citizen security, and he congratulated the institution “for its commitment to investigate abuses and strengthen its human rights standards,” Nuland said.

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Under this scenario, the undersecretary for Political Affairs confirmed that they delivered 8 million dollars by the United States government for “the National Police and thus support this work (of transformation) in which they have embarked to protect human rights and train in human rights and fight against corruption”.

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Finally, the White House official declared that she was pleased with the information given to her by the director of the Police on the requirements that officers must meet to be promoted on the issue of human rights, “once again, we are pleased to work alongside you and be allies in similar efforts in the US”, and ended by stating that citizens deserve a “clean and honest” Police “.

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For his part, General Vargas thanked the United States for its support of the institution’s transformation process and the donation of 8 million dollars, “we are going to achieve the objectives that the Duque government has set for itself: that it be a police force that is closer to the citizen, completely respectful of human rights, as we have told Colombians.”

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The director of the Police reiterated that he seeks to maintain a transparent institution, committed to the fight against corruption.

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“Those 8 million dollars with the Bogotá team , and the transformation team will be used to generate with the High Commissioner for Human Rights the certification, changes and strengthening p So that all Colombian police officers base their actions on respect for human rights,” said General Vargas.

How will the US$ 8,000,000 be distributed?

The Director of the National Police and the Undersecretary for Political Affairs of the White House.


National Police

According to the National Police, the aid from the United States will be invested in the following items that contemplate the transformation of the institution.

Human Rights:

– 200,000 dollars for the human rights plan, support for the human rights doctrine and the civil society approach

– 1,800,000 dollars from the UNDP in support of the office of the Commissioner of Human Rights of the National Police and the Human Rights Observatory.

– 500,000 dollars in support of the Human Rights Information System.

Standards Center:

– 1,550,000 dollars in support of the design of the Center for Standardization and Accreditation.

Police Professionalization:

– 1,592,649 dollars for the expansion of police academies.

– $775,365 for tactical self-defense training.

– 185,000 dollars earmarked for police resilience.

Transparency and Accountability:

– $500,000 for Disciplinary Case Management Information System.

– $800,000 for Legal training for staff.

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