Valve frees up space on Steam with an update ahead of the Steam Deck launch

In a couple of weeks, orders for Steam Deck, Valve’s new portable console, will begin to be shipped, and the company is already finalizing preparations for this important launch.

Like Nintendo Switch or AYA Neo, Steam Deck is postulated as the latest jewel of portable gaming, with the incentive of being able to play the Steam catalog and have a system free to use.

Valve is aware of the importance of Steam Deck, its new technological commitment that aspires to repeat the success of Index VR (with that brand new Half-Life Alyx, one of the best games of 2020), and for this reason it has begun to introduce some changes to its platform.

That’s right: Steam was updated last Friday, February 4, with the goal of freeing up space and paving the way for the Steam Deck. Reported by Michael Larabel at Phoronix.

Steam’s recent update delete old cache data, increasing free space on Valve’s platform. In this way, Steam Deck users will be able to navigate with greater fluidity with their new devices.

Specifically, Valve has eliminated the cache data of the shaders. Games often cache this data in Steam to load faster, making the system slower and less efficient.God of War - Steam Deck

This new update for Steam is in phase beta, and it’s just Valve’s first step towards improving their gaming platform. A lot will change with the Steam Deck.

N or we must forget that Steam Deck comes in three different models. The most basic has 64GB, which is quite small for a gaming experience today. This update seems vital for owners of this model.

Although Steam Deck will start shipping on February 25, many customers will receive their console throughout the month of March. Valve will notify everyone involved of the submission by email.

You know that Steam Deck has a compatibility system. Based on four different categories, each game will have a certain operation (better or worse) on the console.

Steam Deck already has its first 38 compatible games: this is the particular list of verified so far

For example, games like Psychonauts 2, God of War, Portal 2 or Sekiro are already confirmed for the Steam Deck. However, some like Persona 4 Golden still don’t work on Valve’s system.

Steam Deck is Valve’s new bet for gaming, which wants to find its place in the portable game market . In the coming weeks we will know if this release is here to stay or if it passes unnoticed through the hands of the players.