Valve sets a date for its upcoming Steam sales and themed events

With the Lunar New Year sale coming to an end, it seems that Valve doesn’t want to give us time to put our wallets away again, announcing the dates of the next Steam sale, as well as several sale-laden themed events that we can expect throughout this 2022.

In the same way that it happened with the last sales of last year, this time it has been Valve itself that has leaked the date of its next big event, surprising with the absence of a special event for Valentine’s Day to take us directly to the Steam Next Fest, which will start on February 28th. So, once this week-long event is over, we’ll have to wait a bit until the next big sales event, Steam Summer Sale, which starts on June 23rd.

Steam Rebates

However, as we anticipated, it looks like we’ll still be counting on various Steam sales to get us through the wait, with a series of smaller themed sales events focused on specific game genres, leaving the planned schedule as follows:

  • Remote Play Together (cooperative games): from February 28 to March 7
  • JRPG: March 14 to March 21
  • SimFest (simulators): from March 28 to April 4
  • Die-a-lot (action and roguelite): from May 2 to May 9
  • Races: from May 23 to May 30
  • Survival: from July 18 to July 25

Although the names give us a very clear description of what we can expect in each of these small sale events, what is not so clear is how many of these games will receive these discounts, nor how powerful they will be in compared to the usual Steam sale. However, it is still a great opportunity to treat ourselves or make a good gift.