Variation in Weather

variation in weather

variation in weather

We all are witnessing the variation in weather nowadays, the areas that were known to be extremely hot now facing exotic winter similarly that area which was very child are now suffering from land sliding as the glaciers in the world are melting at a very huge rate and dispersing the level of water in oceans and rivers resulting in flood and other natural disasters. Obviously, it all is indicating us that we should avoid using hydrocarbons and should plant trees in order to maintain the glory of nature.



These days many countries of Europe and aside from their parameters facing Low-pressure windy weather situations about the Antarctic coast and can interact with katabatic winds which would probably double their strength. As per meteorologist, reports winds can be very mild and speeds can exceed 100km/h for days at a time. Wind gusts well over 200km/h have been measured.

weather in europe
weather in Europe


It is said that this is totally different and strange weather conditions for the peoples living in Asia as per local news Asia is going through very rough and tough winters, mountainous areas facing storms in a number of quantity. Within a week another second storm is forecast to follow with snow or a wintry mix ice, as far as concern the local and security forces conducting multiple rescue operations in order to evacuate those who have stuck in storm of ice in northern Pakistan and Western border of China plus southern areas of Azerbaijan and Kabul are in average minus temperature. One more storm in Green and White mountains can bring heavy snow to the Asians countries can bring more hectic for them.

weather in asia
weather in Asia


The weather has a variety of waves across the continental United States of America, also nearer parts like in Alaska & Hawaii. Generally, we can summarize in terms that summers are hot and humid in southern provinces, whereas the southwest is quite warm and hot including dryness in the atmosphere.

In some other parts of United States i.e., southern California and Florida the summers are very hot sometimes but its beauty attracts the tourists towards it which is good source of trade and marks them most favourite among the world, also in the Pacific Northwest and New England states the summer seasons are warm with chill mint cool mornings and greatest evenings. Winters in the most southern parts of United States are mild and having variation in weather, But in the whole north including, plains states and mountains weather is sometimes extreme freeze that results in snowfalls and storms its really that much freezing temperature. In the central part of US witness many thunderstorm and tornadoes in summer and spring seasons. Many Hurricane strike the eastern coastline of Mexico.

weather in america
weather in America


Australia’s climate suffers nowadays because of Bushfire as it hazard huge acre area, caused millions of deaths, and destroyed geography of country but instead of that many areas there are still open for visitors, whether in Australia with some rain in many areas varies greatly throughout its eight provinces and territories; usually, there are many enjoyable seasons across the country and a dry and wet seasons in the tropical hemisphere.

In this continent, seasons are at arranged almost opposite with respect to time comparatively felt in the northern areas. As per Google updates December to February is warm summer; March to May is autumn; June till late August is cold sometimes extreme cold winter has been witnessed; from September to November is spring keeps circulate in Australia.

weather in australia
weather in Australia


In African tropics, not at the mountainous areas, the weather does not get so freeze. It is the one continent’s in which half of its parameter is being covered with desert or dry, while its central and southern states contain both savanna plains and very dense jungles. Africa is the hottest and arid region on this planet these arid areas and desserts are based on 60% of the entire land.

The Sahara Desert is the world’s largest hot desert which is located in Africa and this desert face extreme hot temperatures on its surface normally 46 degree Celsius.In yearly Sahara desert faced about 7 heavy sand storms and rain is just sudden appearance after the storm.

weather in africa
weather in Africa


The average temperature of this place ranges from −10°C to −60°C on the plains and coastal areas to at the highest parts of the continent.

Near the coast and in the meantime temperature can cross +10°C at times in summer and fall to below −40°C in September to February. Over the elevated inland, it can go above to about −30°C in summer but fall below −80°C in winter.

weather in Antarctica
weather in Antarctica
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