Victims of the exodus: three Venezuelan migrant children killed in 2022

It is increasingly difficult for Venezuelans to leave the country. The use of irregular and dangerous routes puts the lives of migrants at risk. Crossings consist of walking across borders or taking boats carelessly. This time, the Trinidad and Tobago Coast Guard killed a 3-year-old boy and injured his mother and others.

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So far in 2022, three children have died when they tried to enter other countries with their parents. On January 18, Victoria Lugo, 7 years old, drowned in the Rio Grande, with her family; irregularly they tried to enter the United States from Mexico.

Keiler Vargas, aged 2, died on the way between Peru and Bolivia trying to reach Chile on January 29. And on the night of this Saturday, February 5, it was learned that Trinidad and Tobago coastal officials fired at a boat with at least 20 Venezuelan migrants in the middle of the sea, one of the bullets hitting Yaelvis Santoyo Sarabia , one year old.

The little boy was in the arms of his mother, who is injured like other passengers on the boat and who were taken to a hospital on the island of Trinidad and Tobago. “Another Venezuelan family is in mourning. The horror that we Venezuelans are experiencing is from Zulia to the Delta,” said Orlando Moreno, a human rights defender.

The boat left the state of Delta Amacuro, on the border with the Caribbean island whose measures against Venezuelan migrants are not new. Since last year, deportations and the number of migrants imprisoned for crimes related to their immigration status have increased.

Clandestine boats are constantly leaving from the states of Sucre and Delta Amacuro bound for Trinidad. In recent years there have been at least three shipwrecks with fatal balances because they are dangerous waters. One of the last rafts was returned from the island, causing a shipwreck of several hours.

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The Prime Minister of that country, Keith Rowley, an ally of the administration of Nicolás Maduro, spoke with Venezuelan Vice President Delcy Rodríguez to offer condolences for the event.