Visual Concepts, creators of NBA 2K, would be working on a new AAA racing and open world IP

I don’t understand anything about NBA games, I’m sorry Visual Concepts. Yes I have come to play some, you know, to please someone. But it was so long ago that it was well buried in my memory, so I don’t even remember if I won or not. Although I’m sure that he scored the ball better there than in real life. How sad everything.

NBA 2K22 will be the first game in the saga to feature the jersey of the Spanish Basketball Team

It seems that Visual Concepts has a few surprises in mind. This company has been focusing on sports simulators for a long time, but it seems that they want to change a bit. And it is that some of the job offers that they have published give certain clues as to where the study would like to go. Let’s start building theories.

The possible new IP of Visual Concepts

  • Job offers published by Visual Concepts can be found on the company’s LinkedIn (via VGC) ?
  • Those offers are as follows ?
  • Producer
  • Senior Construction and Automation Engineer
  • Senior Technical Artist
  • Senior Software Engineer, Multiplayer
  • Senior Software Engineer
  • If we pay attention to all these job offers, we can find certain clues of what that new IP would be like ?
  • To begin with, this would be an AAA racing game with open world, based on “an important license” ?
  • This new game would have a multiplayer mode?
  • In addition, it would be developed in Unreal Engine, although it is not known if 4 or 5 ?
  • It would also come out for multiple platforms, although they do not say specific way which ?
  • Now we have to wait to see if this ends up being a reality, because it already looks good from the beginning. What do you think? ?