Voices against the Court’s decision on abortion

María del Rosario Guerra, senator of the Democratic Center, was against the decision of the Constitutional Court, after learning of the approval of the decriminalization of abortion up to week 24.

The congresswoman wrote and uploaded a video to her Twitter account and said that the “decision on abortion violates the right to life of the unborn, of the most defenseless. Colombians who respect life from conception will seek through a referendum to straighten out what the @CConstitucional has done today”.

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He also added that “The Constitutional Court has blurred the limits to end human lives, ignoring that it has a duty to protect what is contained in the Magna Carta, and the right to life in all its forms is the most important. But it seems that this does not apply to the most defenseless.”

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For her part, Senator Paola Holguín, also from the Democratic Center and who aspires to be re-elected, also indicated through a video uploaded to the networks that “the absolute power of disposal of women over the life of the unborn, goes against the Constitution and international commitments assumed by Colombia with the ratification of treaties on human rights”.

“Abortion is nothing different from the murder of a defenseless being by its mother in the womb; which goes against the fundamental right to life, enshrined in article 11 of the National Constitution”, added the congresswoman.

Congresswoman Margarita Restrepo also joined those voices , of the Democratic Center and candidate for the House of Representatives for Antioquia.

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“The procedure of court. It seems that she ignores article 11 of the Political Constitution of Colombia when she says that the right to life is inviolable. A thousand times: no to abortion”, she wrote on her Twitter account.

she In a vehement tone she added: “No to abortion, no to murdering children in the womb. I oppose the decision of the Constitutional Court. We are taking away from children the right to be born. Colombia loses, our children lose, we all lose. I am #Prolife. Magistrates of the @CorteConstituc1 turn women into walking graves. Aborting a baby at 6 months, when it is possible to be born prematurely, is MURDER. #NoAlAborto.”

For her part, Sara Castellanos, candidate for the Senate for the Liberal party, indicated that “I reject the decision of the @CConstitucional. You cannot speak of freedom without the right to live. Decriminalizing abortion up to week 24 is legalizing murder. I will file a request for a referendum so that life from conception is respected. #CorteAbortoNo #Provida.

Alejandro Ordóñez, Ambassador of Colombia to the OAS, was also against the decision of the Constitutional Court.

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“A State that decides to eliminate a portion of human beings, from the first day or until week 24, he becomes genocidal and totalitarian. It hurts to see how society is subjugated by the culture of death. This is an act of violence with the appearance of legality”, Ordóñez wrote on his Twitter account.

‘This is sad news for Colombia’

Natalia Bernal, A lawyer who has sued several times before the Constitutional Court requesting the prohibition of abortion, also spoke out against the decision.

“This is sad news for Colombia, an attack against the rights of children and an opportunity for new voices to emerge in their defense. Children from the 22nd week of gestation have the same characteristics as children after birth at this same gestational age. I demonstrated to the Constitutional Court that there is a risk of premature birth and disability in children and in future pregnancies of the mother who aborted.

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The specialist lawyer added that “according to the Ministry of Health, 84,102 abortion procedures have failed, that means that children are born alive after week 22. Where are these children? The statistics reflect this sad reality and show that the premature child who is previously attacked in the womb can acquire cerebral palsy. We are carrying out, then, with our tolerance, an attack against children and the Constitutional Court demonstrates its illegitimacy to protect them.”