Warzone and Vanguard announce the abundant news of its new Season 2

Just a few hours ago I told you that the Warzone community was not too happy with some of the news that Activision had advanced about its next Season 2, but this is not as important as what I have come to tell you about here: the complete list of novelties of the new stage of content that will begin on February 14.

This is the best Call of Duty ever and should be remade (yes, it’s the one you’re thinking of )

Mainly because, to the chagrin or not of their players, the ball of Warzone and Vanguard has to keep turning towards the future. And, precisely, Activision has already let us know what we can expect from it through its official website. I leave you with all the news below.

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Warzone Season 2 new content

  • The new Nebula V ammunition and grenades; both will emit a poisonous gas that will blind and stun enemies
  • The new deployable decontamination device, which will help us to alleviate the effects of the gas of the previous objects
  • New vehicle: armored cargo trucks
  • New points of interest on the map, including:
    • A chemical component factory
    • Underground laboratories
    • Unpublished changes to Rebirth Island that have not yet been detailed
  • New bomber plane
  • An aerial balloon that will allow us to ascend to the sky with a zip line to find a new position in the game
  • Caldera Clash: new mode in which 48 players will face each other to conquer various areas of the Caldera map
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