Warzone and Vanguard reveal the level 100 skin of the new Season 2 Battle Pass

The good thing about having already told you about the new Armored Titan skin from the crossover between Attack on Titan and Warzone and Vanguard, is that I can now turn the page: I still don’t know what I think of said skin and it continues to generate mixed feelings. But, luckily, I have it a little clearer with the one we will receive at level 100 of the new Battle Pass for next Season 2.

The thing is that the companions of the CharlieIntel portal have found what the aforementioned Warzone and Vanguard outfit will be in the datamining that was has made the latest update to the latter. Next, I leave you with a couple of images of the skin so you can take a look and judge for yourself:

The truth is that I really like the design that this outfit shows; Does the same thing happen to you? Now it only remains to be seen if the rest of the news that Activision has announced for Warzone and Vanguard are up to par in terms of playability. Above all because, as I have been seeing, the user community of both games are not very comfortable with the current state in which they find themselves.

Warzone and Vanguard show off everything to come in Season 2 with this amazing gameplay

For the rest, I can only remind you that I will be extremely attentive to the next steps that Activision takes with the aim of bringing you any news that may come to light in the coming days regarding the saga. Call of Duty. And, above all, Season 2 of Warzone and Vanguard, which will be released on February 14.