Warzone and Vanguard will receive the new tanks in their Season 2… and the community is not very happy

I’ve literally been watching everything that’s going on with Warzone for a good handful of weeks now from the safest place of all: by far. The reason for the latter is that Fortnite has kept me very busy lately and I don’t have enough time to spend on two battle royales at once. However, this does not prevent you from paying attention to the news that Activision announces for the first and, precisely, the next one to arrive in the game has not finished making everyone happy.

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  • The official Twitter of the Call of Duty franchise itself announced that armored war machines (tanks) will arrive with the premiere of Season 2
  • These vehicles will be available both in Vanguard and in Warzone starting next February 14
  • According to the colleagues from the portal CharlieIntel, the reaction of the community to this publication was not too positive
  • The reason for the latter has to do with how burned there are some players with the current state in which both games are found
  • There are not a few bugs and glitches that appear every week and that truncate the experience of both Warzone and the last installment of the saga

It is understood then that Activision has rushed to announce the news that will arrive in the future in relation to Call of Duty, such as, for example, a sequel for Warzone which is already confirmed. It is noted that this is a strategy to calm down the battle royale users and only time will tell if they have ended up being enough.