Warzone: Caldera volcano aims to erupt in the near future, according to a theory

Players of Call of Duty: Warzone can enjoy Caldera, the title’s new map, starting on December 9. And I’m speaking in the third person because I haven’t played battle royale in a while; Sorry, I’m too hooked on Genshin Impact, Destiny 2 and Apex Legends. But I promise I’ll be back at some point! The fact is that, currently, it is the only map that can be enjoyed in the title, although there are already rumors of a third and new map.

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But back to the topic at hand, I want to focus on that last Warzone map, Caldera. We’re still in Season 1, so there haven’t been any significant map changes yet, but there’s a theory suggesting that one of the future big map changes would be that the volcano would erupt. And the truth is that I think it would be quite spectacular, don’t you think?

The Caldera volcano in Warzone

It was the colleagues of Charlie Intel who picked up a theory from a Reddit user named Kaaaaos .

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  • User says “A caldera is a large hole that is zoned when the volcano erupts and collapses. Some calderas form a lake when the hole fills with water” ?
  • Then, you have related the meaning of the name of the map… with the name itself ?
  • However, in Caldera there is no caldera caused by a volcano, something quite curious, right? ?
  • Well, that’s where it’s going, perhaps at some point the volcano will erupt and form that Caldera, giving meaning to the name of the map. Warzone ?
  • Out of theory, I think that in all games where there is a volcano, it ends up erupting; It would be strange if the Caldera volcano did not erupt in the future, giving rise to a new vision of the map??