Watching TV before bed improves sleep quality

For decades it has been believed that watching television or listening to music before going to sleep did not help to fall asleep, but different studies have changed the belief and it seems that watching Netflix or any television channel is even good for sleeping well .

Interestingly, the study comments that some people can rest more watching something before going to sleep, although depending on how certain devices are used.

So this study published in the Journal of Sleep Research has unraveled some of the different ways we use media at bedtime and how it influences the quality of our sleep.

To reach this conclusion, 58 adults participated in the study and were instructed to record the use of any screen one hour before going to sleep every night.

In addition to recording the type of media they consumed such as television, podcasts, and so on, they also had to record where they consumed it, whether in the bedroom or in the living room, for example.

Researchers also installed an electroencephalography machine in users’ homes to obtain more detailed information on sleep quality.

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One of the study’s authors, Lindsay Hahn of the University at Buffalo, notes that the main focus of the study has been to investigate how different types of traditional media influence sleep.

Unlike other research that analyzed active participation with the devices, in this new study they have been more interested in passively watching or listening to something.

And the results were surprising because they found that the quality of sleep is not affected by the use of media before going to sleep. They also found that total sleep time actually improved with media use before going to bed.

But not everything goes, because although they point out that listening to a podcast or watching a streaming service like Netflix before bed can serve as a passive and calming activity to improve sleep, so does the use of other means such as mobile phones, that force you to perform different tasks, do not have the same effect and can be harmful.

In any case, although they state that watching television or listening to music before going to sleep is adequate to facilitate sleep, it should be done in short and focused sessions, because if they are extended over time, they do which could harm the quality of sleep.